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Avian Influenza in Asia, Africa and several European countries


Avian Influenza

Keep Avian Influenza out of Austrian poultry flocks.

There have been outbreaks of Avian Influenza in several Asian, African and European countries. (OIE-list)

For safety reasons the import of live birds has been seriously restricted from all non-EU-countries, strict rules apply when travelling. (Info leaflet (re-)entry of pets of ornamental birds' species).

The main vectors of infection are live poultry, poultry droppings and hatching eggs. If you visit markets in the said countries, where live poultry or birds are being offered for sale you might introduce the virus into the EC by way of faeces or dust containing dried faeces.

After visiting such market places clean your shoes and clothes thoroughly. If cleaning on the spot is impossible, make sure to pack your shoes and clothes in tight plastic bags.

Do not visit poultry farms in the EC before having had cleaned your clothes and shoes.

Thank you for your co-operation!


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last update: 28 November 2019