Website of the Austrian Social Ministry

Health Care Tasks

  • General health policy
  • Protection against dangers to the general state of health of the population including national health crisis management
  • Structural policy and planning; the development of the health care system
  • Procedure- and diagnosis-based financing of health care services, information and classification systems in the health care system, health reporting, quality in the health care system, healthcare information technology and health telematics.
  • Issues related to health care, health education and health advice
  • Issues related to the mother-child pass
  • Preventive health care including preventive health care for young people attending schools
  • Issues related to occupational medicine
  • Issues related to sports medicine
  • Hygiene, sanitation and vaccinations
  • Monitoring and combating infectious diseases
  • Issues related to radiation hygiene, medical radiation protection and medical radiology; the medical assessment of the use of ionising and non-ionising radiation as well as radiopharmaceuticals
  • Issues related to health spas and natural health-promoting substances as well as sanatoriums, nursing homes and public facilities for health-promoting and health-related activities
  • Medical issues regarding people with disabilities and their care
  • The monitoring and combating of the abuse of alcohol and drugs including nationwide drug coordination
  • Issues related to drug trafficking
  • Pharmacies and pharmaceuticals; price regulation in this field; issues related to the Independent Medicines Commission
  • Issues concerning health protection in relation to therapeutic aids and articles
  • Issues related to mortuaries, undertakers and funerals
  • The initial, further and continuing training of public health administration officials
  • The use of veterinary medicines and other veterinary aids, disinfectants and animal vaccines
  • Issues related to the disposal of animal corpses
  • The initial, further and continuing training of public veterinary administration officials
  • Issues related to veterinary surgeons and other veterinary personnel including their professional associations
  • General matters of animal protection and the protection of animals during transportation

Issues related to:

  • doctors
  • dentists
  • pharmacists
  • midwives
  • clinical psychologists
  • health psychologists and psychotherapists
  • other paramedical and veterinary personnel including matters related to their professional associations.

Issues related to the initial, further and continuing training of:

  • doctors
  • dentists
  • veterinary surgeons
  • pharmacists after their graduation as well as other paramedical and veterinary personnel.

Issues related to:

  • the trade in foodstuffs
  • food supplements
  • additives
  • cosmetic preparations and articles
  • matters concerning the examination of animals to be slaughtered and meat
  • food hygiene
  • the initial, further and continuing training of public food inspection staff

Issues related to genetic engineering.

Issues related to the legislative process and the supervision of these matters.