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ELGA - electronic health records

ELGA is an abbreviation for electronic health records in German. ELGA is an information system which provides you and the doctors, hospitals, care facilities and pharmacies treating you with easy access to your health records. Health records such as medical reports on a person are created at various health facilities. ELGA networks this data and makes it available electronically via a link.

ELGA saves time, provides users with a better overview and prevents multiple examinations of the same kind being carried out. You can print your own medical test results on ELGA and view, print or save an overview of your medication (e-medication).

The doctors treating you as well as hospitals and care facilities can also obtain important information for diagnosis and therapy quickly and easily. In addition, your pharmacies have access to your e-medication file for two hours. In this way, the ELGA system of electronic health records makes a valuable contribution towards increasing patient safety.

You can access your personal ELGA via the ELGA page at after registering by identifying yourself with your mobile phone or citizen’s card (Bürgerkarte).

By using either of these electronic ID methods you can provide clear proof of your identity. More information on identifying yourself via your mobile phone or a citizen’s card, including registration and activation, can be obtained at

The highest security standards are used for the retrieval of health data via ELGA. Communication in the entire ELGA system takes place via dedicated health networks, and data transport is encrypted. In addition, considerable fines can be imposed for the misuse of ELGA health data.

Your ELGA health data is only accessible for the health facilities which work with ELGA when you are currently being treated or cared for there, and if you participate in ELGA.

The following have no access to ELGA health data: doctors who work for state institutions, e.g. authorities, or who work for insurance companies. The same applies to companies’ medical services.

As a modern and safe infrastructure, ELGA is available to everyone who is covered by the Austrian health care system. If you do not wish to make use of it, you need to opt out of it online via the ELGA web page or in writing to the ELGA objections office (ELGA-Widerspruchstelle).