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Preventive check-ups

Free preventive check-ups have been a fixed element of our health service since 1974. They are addressed towards all persons resident in Austria, including those who do not have social insurance. The Ministry of Health assumes the costs of examinations for uninsured persons. In the shape of the new preventive check-ups since 2005, the Federation of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions and the Austrian Medical Association have developed a gender-specific medical programme which reflects the current state of the art in international medicine and aims to have a proven benefit on the health of the population.

Which benefits does a preventive check-up have?

  • Reduction of health risks caused by factors which can be influenced by means of suitable changes of lifestyle

  • The early detection of diseases results in better chances of a complete recovery

  • The development of chronic illness can be prevented in time.

Where can I get more information?

Extensive information on preventive check-ups can be viewed on a special information page of the Social Insurance Institutions or obtained from your doctor.