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Quality and Patient Safety in the Austrian Healthcare System

Objectives and Principles

The Austrian Health Care System is based on systematic quality work, founded on the principles of patient safety, patient orientation, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency. The Federal Minister of Health and Women's Affairs ensures that a full-coverage quality system is provided nationwide, across all provinces, sectors and professions.

Documents concerning Quality and Patient Safety that are available in English:

  • Health Care Quality Act (Gesundheitsqualitätsgesetz-GQG)
    The federal act on the Quality of Health Services entered into force in 2005, it aims to promote and ensure quality and patient safety in a sustainable way.
    Federal Act on the Quality of Health Care

  • Austrian Quality Strategy
    The Austrian Quality Strategy contributes significantly to the continuous further development, improvement and nationwide assurance of quality in all healthcare sectors. It supports the appropriate and most notably reliable healthcare provision to the population. Quality becomes the guiding and controlling criterion for the Austrian healthcare system.
    Quality Strategy for the Austrian Healthcare System

  • Austrian Patient Safety Strategy
    Health care should be independent of where and in which facility or institution it is provided, and it should be safe, effective and easily accessible. In the implementation of all measures it is important that patients are well-informed and actively involved in the process behind the provision of health care. The Patient Safety Strategy covers all occupational groups and sectors of the health care system and provides the framework for activities in the field of patient safety.
    Nationwide Patient Safety Strategy for Austria 2013-2016

  • Austrian Inpatient Indicators – A-IQI
    The A-IQI (Austrian Inpatient Quality Indicators) is a project implemented by the Bundesgesundheitsagentur (Austrian Federal Health Agency) aimed at establishing a nationwide uniform system for measuring the quality of results within hospitals.
    Austrian Inpatient Quality Indicators (A-IQI) - Measuring the quality of results through routine data (June 2016)

    The web-based tool "clinicsearch" offers information about quality in hospitals. It shall help patients to find and choose the hospital that best meets their individual needs and preferences. At the moment you can find information on the website on selected medical treatments, such as Hernia, Childbirth, Thyroidectomy, Tonsillectomy, Hysterectomy, Cardiac pacemaker, Knee and Hip Endoprothesis and Cholecystectomy. For these topics additional information is provided in three categories:

    • Number of cases 
    • 3 key figures for the stay (length of stay, surgical techniques, day surgery)
    • Quality information about six possible instruments (patient surveys, risk management, reports on hygiene etc.)

  • Folder for patients
    Treatment with antibiotics

  • European Commission
    The European Commission has published several recommendations and interesting documents on Quality of Care and Patient Safety: Patient safety package