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Brochure: Healthcare Professions in Austria

This brochure gives an up-to-date overview of regulated healthcare professions in Austria that may be useful for you, for example, in making your career choice. Human resources play a key role in maintaining and improving the Austrian healthcare system.

Healthcare services are a dynamic and expanding sector in which professional qualification requirements, quality assurance as well as cost effectiveness are special challenges. Moreover, the demand for healthcare services rises as a result of both higher health awareness and the ageing population. With their commitment, the experts working in diverse healthcare professions make an indispensable contribution to the delivery of healthcare to the Austrian population. By adopting the Act on Medical Assistant Professions (Medizinische Assistenzberufe-Gesetz), we made sure that young people starting a healthcare career would be able to rely on sound education throughout their lives. Moreover, this Act creates the basis for a high level of mobility and opens up the opportunity for further development in related occupational areas while the focus always is on providing the best possible services to the patients.

According to WHO’s definition, the term "public health" also includes "veterinary public health" and, hence, all the activities, efforts and expertise of veterinary medicine contributing to ensuring, promoting and restoring human health. Therefore, the veterinary profession is also considered to be a healthcare profession.