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Import of products of animal origin by tourists

As of 6. November 2018

Foot and mouth disease, avian influenza and other animal diseases represent a constant threat to the European Union’s agriculture and economy. In the past, meat, meat products and dairy products imported by tourists without checks have been the cause of outbreaks of animal diseases on repeated occasions. The uniform conditions applicable in the entire EU since May 2004 have now been revised and replaced by Regulation (EC) No 206/2009. These new conditions apply since 1 May 2009. The conditions had to be adapted due to changes in legislation pertaining to veterinary checks as of 1 January 2017. In the information leaflet below you will also find the conditions for taking along products when travelling between EU Member States.

Please also refer to our information regarding avian influenza Information on avian influenza for tourists issued by the BMASGK. This link also contains a practical folder.

On the European Commission's website you will find additional information material, also in other languages, such as posters or films, under the links below:

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