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Travel Information

Information related to travel, both abroad and when (re-)entering to Austria

The travel information from the Ministry of Health are intended as a service for travellers. Please note that the existing laws in a country (such as on customs, immigration formalities, etc.) are subject to change and that import restrictions and import bans due to other EU and national legal provisions?pertaining to e.g. the?protection?of endangered species?(Cites) or?financial legislation?may be in place!

The preparations for a trip abroad should include:

  • Planning of vaccinations according to recommendations
  • Packing of a first aid kit with special consideration of medicinal products to be taken regularly
  • Precautions against diseases (travel insurance)
  • International certificate of vaccination and other documents (blood group evidence)
  • Heeding?information on holidays with pets (Pet pass, vaccinations)
  • Taking along goods only in compliance with legislation in the country of destination.

If you are coming from abroad or return to Austria, please observe the following:


  • Import requirements for pets
  • Transport rules for animals
  • Regulations regarding the importation of goods
  • Restrictions on the transportation of medicinal products (especially narcotics)