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FAQs - E-cigarettes and liquids

On 21 May 2016, the Tobacco and Non-Smoker Protection Act (TNRSG) entered into force. By this act, the corresponding EU Directive 2014/40/EU (TPD II) was transposed into Austrian law.

Among classical tobacco products the TNRSG regulates nicotine-containing and nicotine-free electronic cigarettes and liquids as well. Manufacturers and importers of e-cigarettes have to comply with comprehensive obligations, such as the reporting of product placed on the market and their ingredients, annual sales volume data of the previous year, studies on health effects (toxicity, addiction potential). These information shall be notified via EU-CEG.

The tobacco law is subject to a dynamic change, especially with regard to novel tobacco products and related products, including e-cigarettes and liquids. The following answers to frequently asked questions in this context take into account the existing knowledge (August 2018).