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Minimum wage rates

Minimum wage rates contain regulations on minimum payment and minimum amounts for the reimbursement of expenses. Minimum wage rates are set by the Federal Conciliation Office. All minimum wage rates can be viewed in the legal information system (RIS) of the Federal Chancellery. The relevant links are in the information box at the end of this page.

Current minimum wage rates

Minimum wage rates for caretakers and complex caretakers

The minimum wage rates are due for carrying out cleaning and maintenance work as well as ‘other work'. The pay which was previously set by the Caretakers' Pay Regulation has been regulated by the minimum wage rates for caretakers since 1 January 2012.

Effective from: 1 January 2016 (expected duration one year)

Minimum wage rate for housekeepers and domestics

A minimum wage rate for housekeepers and domestics throughout Austria came into effect on 1 January 2013. For employment relationships which were concluded after this time, only this minimum wage rate applies. Existing more favourable agreements may not be worsened by this. Agreements with minimum wages on the basis of the minimum wage rates from 2011 will not be changed if they are more favourable than the newly-set rates. In the case of payment with service vouchers, the regulations governing this must be observed. These minimum wage rates must also be applied to employment relationships according to the Home Care Act (Hausbetreuungsgesetz).

Effective from: 1 January 2015 (expected duration two years)    

Minimum wage rate for home carers

This minimum wage rate applies to employment relationships which were concluded after 30 September 2005. Employment relationships to which the Home Care Act apply do not fall within the scope of this minimum wage rate.

The rate has applied throughout Austria since 1 January 2016.