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Companies on the labour market

Companies and workers are the most important players on the labour market. Workers find employment in companies. With the wages and salaries they receive they buy products and support the functioning of the economy. Politics creates forward-looking incentives for companies so that they employ job seekers - for example committed women, experienced workers and people with disabilities.

The Public Employment Service is continuously extending its range of services for companies. It has professionalized its vacancy-filling strategies and uses modern technologies such the job-Room, Austria's largest job market, with which new employees can be found and hired around the clock.

Promoting self-employment: micro credit

To start up your own business you need capital. However, a realistic business plan does not guarantee that your application for a loan will be approved. 

Microcredit, an Austrian-wide initiative by the Ministry of Social Affairs, enables people to take the leap into self-employment or to extend a small company. It helps to close liquidity bottlenecks when there is a lack of own capital and collateral for loans.