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The employment of foreign citizens

The Employment of Foreign Citizens Act (Ausländerbeschäftigungsgesetz, AuslBG) forms the basis for the access of foreign workers to the Austria labour market. The AuslBG regulates the ordered access of foreign workers to the Austrian labour market and ensures that they are employed with proper working conditions and wages. Entry to the country and residence are regulated by the 2005 Immigration Authorities Act and the Settlement and Residency Act. The Federal Ministry of the Interior is responsible for these fields.

Workers from EU Member States (except Croatia) and from the EEA states of Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein have free access to the Austrian labour market (free movement of workers). This also applies to Swiss citizens (agreement on free movement of persons between the EU and Switzerland).

Foreign workers and companies which wish to employ them can obtain information about all necessary steps on the Migration Platform and the website of the Public Employment Service.

On the Migration Platform you will also find detailed information on "Living and working in Austria", "Mobility of EU citizens and their family members within the EU", "Permanent immigration - Red-White-Red Card", "Temporary residence", "Fixed-term employment" and much more.