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NESTORGOLD GÜTESIEGEL - the seal of quality for effective generational management

It is not only demographic trends which reveal how important it is that women and men stay in employment longer, to invest in them and to promote intergenerational dialogue between employees. Not only employees and the company/organisation itself benefit from the increased integration into employment of all ages and population groups, but also society overall.

The name

The name of the seal of quality is taken from the ancient Greek ruler Nestor from Homer's Iliad, who due to the wisdom that comes with age, his rhetorical gifts and his courage, was an important mentor of and advisor to Agamemnon, and who also acted as a diplomat and advisor to other rulers.

The objective: promoting companies/organisations

The goal of the NESTORGOLD seal of quality is to support the awareness of the particular value of all generations in Austrian companies and organisations and to realise specific measures to promote dialogue between the generations and management of different generations. In this context, the Ministry of Social Affairs developed the NESTORGOLD seal of quality together with the Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs, the organisations of the social partners and the Public Employment Service (AMS).

During the course of the NESTORGOLD process, companies and organisations obtain instructions for dealing with demographic challenges, receive guidance on the promotion and quality assurance of a programme for the continuous improvement of intergenerational management, and obtain public recognition for their activities aimed at doing justice to different age groups and generations.

Value added of the seal of quality for your company/your organisation

  • Age-appropriate management means encouraging the individual, gender-appropriate development of staff in accordance with their strengths, needs and life phases, thus ensuring optimal utilisation of all their potential. 
  • Investing in intergenerational management today pays off. Strengthening the intergenerational dialogue among your staff improves the retention and transfer of knowledge in your company/organisation and ensures its continuation over the long term.
  • Age-appropriate processes are effective processes. Alongside effectivity, the efficiency of your employees' work is increased over the long term
  • Age-appropriate working conditions have a positive effect on the contentedness of your staff and, at the end of the day, also on that of your customers and cooperation partners
  • Age-appropriate companies and organisations are dynamic companies that commitment to age-appropriate work increases your market appeal.

Areas of activity and indicators

The NESTORGOLD seal of quality is awarded to companies and organisations whose entire organisational structure is appropriate to different generations and ages and in which the potential and needs of the staff are taken into account in all phases of life.

This holistic and sustainable approach, which aims to achieve the active involvement of the experience of all staff and to preserve their ability to work, can be illustrated as having four areas of activity. The indicators provide support in the assessment of the current status quo and reveal additional opportunities for action and improvements.

The indicators were developed by the Advisory Council on Certification.

Four areas of action

Networking dialogue

As part of the NESTORGOLD networking dialogue, pioneers in the field of intergenerational management present strategies and solutions which they have used. The exchange of experiences between the participants of the NESTORGOLD network is promoted here in interactive formats. Reciprocal learning and the exchange of experiences are intended to support organisations and companies when developing age-appropriate structures. This networking dialogue takes place 1-2 times per year and is announced in the NESTORGOLD information mail.

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