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National Quality Certificate for residential and nursing homes

The National Quality Certificate for residential and nursing homes aims to provide an objective evaluation of residential and nursing homes in Austria. The goal is to make quality visible and to create incentives for its further development. The homes should - above and beyond the fulfilment of legal provisions - make systematic efforts to improve the quality of life of their residents.

Special characteristics of the NQZ

  • The NQZ is a national uniform system of external assessment which is applicable in spite of differing structures and different quality management systems
  • The NQZ is a quality development tool and has the goal of highlighting high quality and recognising potential for improvements
  • The NQZ questions which structures, processes and results are successful, necessary and meaningful for the quality of life of home residents
  • The connection between measures taken and goals defined by the home and the quality of life of the residents is also taken into account in the assessment
  • The way in which residential and nursing homes function as a working environment for the staff is given high priority in certification
The role of senior managers from the sector as assessors ensures that knowledge from the sector is made use of and then returned to the sector.

Certification and award of the certificate

All of the details on the procedure of certification can be viewed on the website of the National Quality Certificate for Residential and Nursing Homes. If certification is successful, the certificate is officially presented by the Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection as well as representatives of the respective province. The award takes place in an official ceremony which is normally held once a year at the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection.