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The Austrian Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection is responsible for the following fields:

  • Labour market policy
  • Labour law
  • Initiatives for people with disabilities
  • Consumer protection
  • Nursing care and support
  • Senior citizens' policy
  • Social policy
  • Social insurance.

More information on the individual issues is summarised in the respective menu items. The relevant applications forms are available from the pages of the Sozialministeriumservice. In the interests of inclusion, selected contents of this website are available as sign language videos or in easy read versions. We make continuous efforts to extend these offers in order to ensure equal opportunities and the participation of disadvantaged persons, also in the internet.

Gender mainstreaming

The living situations of women and men differ in many aspects. Gender mainstreaming is a political strategy which deals with the issue of gender. Gender mainstreaming differs from explicit women's policy in the sense that equal opportunities for both sexes are given the same consideration.  

The legal basis for gender mainstreaming

In addition to the Federal Constitution and the Equal Treatment Act, Austria has undertaken to implement its gender mainstreaming strategy at a political and legal level on the basis of international legal provisions and action plans of the UN and the EU

Gender mainstreaming working groups

The federal government, the provinces and local authorities have become active and have planned and realised numerous measures. At a federal level, all of the ministries as well as the supreme bodies have joined together to form the Interministerial Working Group on Gender Mainstreaming (IMAG). Here, gender budgeting has the role of extending budget policy by adding the perspective of gender, and to thus use it as a sociopolitical steering tool. 

The internal working group on gender mainstreaming has already been in existence at the Ministry of Social Affairs since 1999. It supports the senior managers and staff of the ministry in the realisation of the strategy.

The working group of gender mainstreaming representatives is composed of experts from all divisions of the ministry: 

CHAIR: Sylvia Bierbaumer (Division V/B/3)