Website of the Austrian Social Ministry


Consumer policy work is carried out by Division III of the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection. It has a total of five departments and around 30 members of staff, of whom around half are legal specialists.

In this section you can find essential information on the organisation of consumer policy and consumer protection in Austria. All other information can be found on the consumer website of the BMASK,

The consumer website is directed to all interested consumers and provides information on your rights and obligations in connection with consumer transactions and money matters. It also includes a large amount of teaching materials (e.g. household planning, advertising, the internet, mobile phones and smartphones, and much more) for teachers.

In addition, the minister convenes the Consumer Policy Forum every year, where topical consumer policy concerns and wishes are formulated and ways of solving or realising them are discussed.
The following organisations are members of the forum: the Consumer Information Association, the consumer policy departments of the Chambers of Labour, the regulators in the field of liberalised public services, the Financial Markets Supervisory Authority and the Agency for Health and Food Safety, the Federal Competition Authority, the Debt Advice Offices, the Patient Ombudsman's Offices, the Data Working Group, motoring associations and other organisations such as the Tenants' Association and the Internet Ombudsman Association, as well as representatives of academia and science.