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Senior citizens’ policy

Austrian senior citizens' policy is seen as policy conducted with senior citizens, which as a cross-sectional issue (mainstreaming ageing) extends into the various specialist departments of the Ministry.

Austrian senior citizens policy focuses on people with their abilities and resources.

Policy on senior citizens and volunteers has the goal of safeguarding and further improving the quality of life of older people.

This end, an entire range of measures are taken:
The Federal Senior Citizens Act and the Federal Senior Citizens Advisory Council promote and ensure opportunities for older people to participate in social, political, economic and cultural life.

Senior citizens' policy promotes learning and education in old age, because lifelong learning helps people to cope with new requirements and challenges, for example in the field of new technologies.

Promoting active ageing complements the measures taken to promote voluntary work.

Department V/A/6 of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Fundamental Issues of Senior Citizens', Population and Volunteers' Policy, can also support non-profit associations in relation to projects concerning senior citizens' and voluntary work policy as well as innovative model projects of national significance.

The main focuses are, for example, on projects to promote active ageing, quality of life and dignity in old age, lifelong learning and promoting the competences of older people. Projects to strengthen solidarity and the dialogue between the generations as well as projects on the participation of senior citizens at social, political and cultural levels can also be eligible for support.

You can find more details on funding opportunities and an application form under the link ‘Subsidies' in the information box at the bottom of the page.

Legal representation

The interests of senior citizens are represented by the Federal Senior Citizens' Advisory Council and the Austrian Senior Citizens' Council. The legal framework is provided by the Federal Senior Citizens' Act.

The Federal Senior Citizens' Advisory Council serves as a forum for talks between policymakers and senior citizens' organisations.

Its tasks are:

  • Making proposals for social, economic, health policy, housing policy and cultural measures in the field of senior citizens' policy
  • Drawing up a long-term senior citizens' plan and proposals for its implementation
  • Making statements on draft bills and regulations which might affect the interests of senior citizens

The current Senior Citizens' Plan was adopted by the Federal Senior Citizens' Advisory Council in 2011 and approved by the Lower House (Nationalrat) of the Austrian Parliament in 2012. The goal of this federal plan is to preserve or improve the quality of life of older people.

The Austrian Senior Citizens' Council is an official representative body for older people which has the same status as those of employees, businesspeople and farmers.