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Employment and occupations

Due to the change in the structure of the population, new challenges have to be faced in the world of employment. The group of the over-50s is becoming ever larger, which means that this generation is also playing an increasingly important role in economic life.
A world of employment with equal opportunities for all generations can be created through:

  • Adult education
  • Health promotion and
  • Working hours arrangements

For companies which make an effort on behalf of their older employees and create a good atmosphere between the generations, the Ministry of Social Affairs awards the NESTORGOLD seal of quality.  

The NESTORGOLD seal of quality

The NESTORGOLD seal of quality was jointly developed in 2010 by the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Science, the social partners and the Public Employment Service. As a good practice standard for age- and generation-appropriate work design, it also offers a manual for action senior managers.
Companies can receive the seal of quality for three years if they successfully pass the certification process. To do so, the following four steps are required:

  • By signing the NESTORGOLD Charter, the company commits itself to creating an age- and life-phase appropriate working environment
  • In the status workshop, a self-image for these age- and ageing-appropriate companies is drawn up.
  • This is followed by the planning and realisation of specific measures on age- and ageing-appropriateness in an action plan. This should be implemented within two years.
Finally, all 27 NESTORGOLD indicators are checked by external assessors. If all the indicators have been fulfilled, the seal of quality is awarded.