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The proportion of older people in the population is rising, not only in Austria. The proportion of those over the age of 60 will double worldwide by the year 2050. Together with the high life expectancy in Europe, this poses major challenges for social policy, but at the same time offers great opportunities due to the wide range of contributions older people can make to society.


At EU level there are also important basic rules which have an influence on ageing policy. An essential element is the ban on discrimination which was laid down in the Treaty of Amsterdam. This also includes a ban on age discrimination in employment. It called upon all Member States to take measures to strengthen the social and political integration of older people.


A reaction to this was the International Plan of Action on Ageing, which was adopted in 2002 as part of the Second World Assembly on Ageing of the United Nations.
In 2012, the third Ministerial Conference on ageing issues took place in Vienna. The goal was to examine progress in the implementation of the Plan of Action. In their joint declaration, the ministers established a need for action to promote quality of life and active ageing during the next five years.
The results are available as a download.