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Lifelong learning and education in old age

The right of older people to equal participation in political, social, cultural and economic life is an important goal of Austria social policy. Participation is conditional on older people having access to a variety of high-quality educational programmes.

Policy in the field of education in old age is based on the Federal Senior Citizens’ Plan (2011) and the LLL (lifelong learning) strategy 2020.

Lifelong learning strategy

The lifelong learning strategy 2020 contains political goals and plans until 2020.
Point 9 of the strategy: “The enrichment of quality of life via education in the post-employment phase” contains four goals on the issues of increasing participation in further education, quality assurance, information and advice, and the creation of low-threshold educational offers close to home.

It also includes intergenerational projects and programmes in the field of new communications technologies. 

These goals are also laid down in the Federal Plan for Senior Citizens.