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Men’s policy

The Department of Men's Policy of the Ministry of Social Affairs was the first of its kind in Europe. Its key issues are:

  • Raising awareness for equality within partnerships
  • Active fatherhood
  • The formation of a positive male identity among boys and young men
  • Men's health
  • Taking a stand against violence by and towards boys and men
  • The development of positive male role models
  • Integration
  • Service for matters specific to men

Due to an overlap with gender and women's policy issues, there is increasing cooperation with other ministries. Only in this way is it possible to coordinate equality policy in a meaningful way.

A wide range of measures have been taken in relation to the core issues.

  • Boys' Day (since 2008)
  • Austrian Men's Policy report to Parliament (periodically)
  • Publications on the issue of active fatherhood
  • Men's health platform (since 2013).
A detailed strategy for the Department for Men's Policy was created in 2015 and is available as a download.