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Data protection

The Ministry of Social Affairs takes the protection of personal data very seriously. We want you to know when we save data, which data we save, and how we use it.

Personal data

Personal data is information which can be used to ascertain your identity. This includes information such as your real name, address, postal address and telephone number. It does not include information which cannot be directly linked to your real identity (such as favourite websites or the number of users of a page).

You can make use of our online offers without revealing your identity. However, if you register for one of our personalised services (such as newsletters), use our brochure service or our contact forms, we ask you for your name and other personal information. It is up to you whether you enter this data.

We store your information on especially well-protected servers in Austria. Access to it is only possible for a few specially authorised persons who deal with the technical, commercial or editorial support of the servers.

We only use your personal information within the Ministry. We do not pass on any personal data to third parties without your explicit consent.

Shariff plugin for more security

The website of the Ministry of Social Affairs uses the social media buttons from Shariff in order to make it easier for users to share the contents. The share buttons remain deactivated and do not transfer any personal data to Facebook, Google and Twitter unless they are actively clicked by users. Before this, no data transfer takes place, so tracking by third parties is not possible. By clicking on them, users agree to the transfer of data and can recommend, share and tweet contents.


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