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Consumer Information and Education

Consumer information and education are essential tasks of consumer policy: only consumers who are aware of their rights can also assert them.

Consumer information

On the website of the Consumer Portal you can find information about essential issues for consumers. You receive an overview of your most important rights and obligations as well as the obligations of businesses.

At the end of every subject area you can find details about organisations where you can obtain further information as well as materials you can order or download, especially leaflets and brochures.

For teachers

Ready-made downloadable materials are provided for teachers for use in primary schools and in years eight to eleven of secondary schools. We are in the process of producing additional materials for primary and nursery schools/kindergartens.

For contacts with parents, we have materials for teachers on the issues of smartphones, pocket money, a first bank account, social networks and advertising. With these materials you can easily design a 20-minute slot for a parents’ evening and involve parents as well as pupils.

approved date: 08.11.2019