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Controls of travellers (for live animals and products of animal origin)

The aim of controls of travellers is to prevent the introduction of known or exotic animal diseases and zoonoses into the European Union.

Due to the greater mobility of people, the perceived need for them to take along their own pets, traditional gifts, or local or national specialties has increased.

Often, however, no consideration is given to the fact that animals or products of animal origin may be vectors of disease (e.g. foot and mouth disease, avian influenza, rabies). Therefore, on the basis of veterinary laws, measures to protect Austrian livestock from disease and the public from zoonotic diseases have to be taken. Travellers may see this as a constraint, but these measures are necessary for the protection of animals and the general public against the introduction of dangerous, sometimes untreatable diseases.

Please bear in mind that there may be other restrictions in force on the transport of animals or products of animal origin for reasons of the protection of wildlife or endangered species.

Link to CITES / Washington Convention

Please note also that there may be reasons for customs restrictions or bans on the transport of animals or products of animal origin.

Link to the customs authorities

Before setting out on a journey with your animal(s) please take some time to inform yourself on the conditions of transport, export, import into the country of destination, and re-introduction into the European Union as well as on animal welfare conditions.

Last update: 15 October 2019