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General Sources of Danger

Here you can find brief information about common issues related to products and product safety, as well as information about general and typical sources of danger.

Emissions from Mobile Phones and Base Stations

SAR values for mobile phones are an internationally accepted radiation rating system in the area of high-frequency electromagnetic fields, and can also be used as a guide for buying low radiation phones. You can view the emissions of mobile base stations in Austria at the Senderkataster (register of base stations).


Every year, particularly around the New Year, there are serious accidents involving fireworks. Making your own fireworks is especially dangerous, because it requires specialist skills and is therefore restricted by law to professionals.

Please adhere to the basic rules when dealing with fireworks: be particularly sure to keep a safe distance and respect age limits. Do not buy fireworks from dubious sources.

Laser Pointers

Laser pointers are not toys and can lead to permanent damage to the eyes. Many battery-operated laser pointers are also high-powered and can cause serious eye injuries. Class 1 and 2 laser pointers (which have an output of less than 1 milliwatt) are considered safe. More powerful devices can lead to serious damage to the retina within seconds when looking into the laser beam by accident, or even via reflections.

When buying laser pointers it should be ensured that they are laser class 1 or 2. This also corresponds to the legal situation in Austria, where the Laser Pointer Regulation bans the sale of more powerful laser pointers to consumers.

Falls from Windows

In recent there have been many cases of accidents in which children have fallen from windows or balconies. The Ministry of Social Affairs therefore recommends the installation of window locks. These locks do not provide complete protection, and it is still important to keep an eye on children, but the risk is nevertheless reduced considerably.


Loosely hanging cords of blinds constitute a severe danger of strangulation for children at play. The information leaflet below describes what companies have to take into account when selling such products.

Baby Walkers

Baby walkers (frequently incorrectly described as aids for learning to walk) have to conform to the Baby Walker Regulation 2007 in Austria and thus also the Austrian standard ÖNORM EN 1273: 2005. The background to this legislation was the large number of accidents with baby walkers, particularly falls over steps or stairs.

last update: 31 January 2020