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Import and Transit

Live animals and products of animal origin are subject to checks by border veterinarians when entering or transiting a Member state of the European Union including Switzerland or Norway.

The field of imports and transit has been harmonised, this means that the rules apply to all Member states in order to guarantee uniform controls and compliance with health regulations on imported or transiting animals and products with a view to the Common Market and independent from the specific Member states rules.

In Austria, Implementation of these measures is based on Community law, the Animal Disease Act, the Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act and regulations adopted on the basis of this legislation, specifically the "Veterinary Import Regulation 2008” (Veterinärbehördliche Einfuhrverordnung 2008, VEVO 2008)

Controls at Austrian border control posts are carried out by border veterinarians of the BMASGK in collaboration with customs.

Restrictions and controls also apply to the taking along of animals and goods of animal origin by travellers (link to information for travellers)

Below you will find several information leaflets concerning the most frequently asked topics.

approved date: 28.11.2019